Hola de Barcelona!
Nosotros fuimos Barcelona para la toda dia. 
Primero nosotros tuvimos una excursión en la autobus y visite el parque mira mar. 
Segundo nosotros visitemos el parque Guell. 
Antes de nosotros fuimos el central cuidad de Barcelona y tomamos almuerzo. 
Segundo nosotros visitamos el museo de Picasso y la casa Batllo. 
En el tiempo libre en medio del almuerzo y cena nosotros tuvimos gelato y otros meriendas. Al final del dia nosotros tuvimos la cena y esperamos por el autobus que era muy tarde.  

Hello from Barcelona! 
Today we took a tour of Barcelona. We started off the day with a guided tour of the city by bus. Then we were able to get off and on to take pictures and see the parks and monuments up close. The first stop was the Mira Mar and then we went to el parque Guell where we got to see the bench that Gaudi made of different pieces of glass. Next we went to see la sagrada familia, with is expected to be finished in the year 2026. After the bus tour was finished we all had time for lunch and then took a tour of the Picaso museum or Gaudi’s house. After the tours we had two hours for free time, which most student used to shop and eat gelato. We traveled by subway to travel to dinner, where we danced to spanish music. Followed by waiting for our bus which was 30 minutes late (LIvio would never do this to us). During the wait some students got MORE gelato!! Were excited for tomorrow!!! 

Juanita, Mateo, Melanie, Olivia, Marisol, y Sophia!!!!! 


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