The Last Day... Montserrat and FC Barcelona

Hola! Hoy nosotros fuimos a Monserrat, un monasterio, donde nosotros fuimos a la iglesia muy bonita, grande, y vieja. Hay un tren para subir y bajar la montaña. Las vistas fueran muy hermosa y impresionante. Algunas personas subieran la montaña y otras compraron regalos y comida local en el pueblo (como queso). Después, nosotros fuimos a Barcelona donde nosotros tuvimos tiempo libre para comer almuerzo, comprar regalos, y caminar por las calles. Muchas personas comieron paella, comida popular en España, y gelato. Después, nosotros tuvimos el metro al estadio de el equipo de futbol de Barcelona que es muy famosa (FC Barcelona). Nosotros comemos cena al centro comercial cerca del mar. Nosotros estamos muy triste para salir este viaje.

Hello! Today we went to Monserrat, a monastery for the monks and a famous boy’s choir. The monastery was built around a statue called the “Black Madonna”. Some people lit candles in memory of a loved one and enjoyed the beautiful views. Some people took a trolley car to go up a mountain to see breathtaking views. Other people stayed around the town buying gifts and local food in the bakery and farmers market. In the market, people were able to try homemade cheeses and honey. After Monserrat, we enjoyed free time around Barcelona in different restaurants trying new foods like paella and gelato, as well as walking around the square and buying gifts. After lunch, we took the subway and visited the gift shops outside of the FC Barcelona soccer stadium. People bought jerseys and other soccer memorabilia. We then ate dinner at Fresco, a restaurant in the mall near the ocean. We enjoyed a relaxing buffet dinner. We are sad that the trip is over and we hope to return back to Europe and the wonderful sights we have seen. 

Written by Bri R, Eva B, Regan F, Sydney J, Caitlin K, Kaleigh D, Maddy H, and Kristen M.


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