Gelato Runs: One for One

Due to the fact that it is our first night after a REALLY long day of travel, I'm doing the blog post tonight!  I'm going to try to also post pictures, but the WiFi is spotty, so might not be able to do it.  For pictures, make sure you follow on twitter Mr. McGann (@yournextfour), Mrs. St. Coeur (@kstcoeur), Ms. Wolfe (@SraWolfe), Mrs. Kulik (@SraKulik) or Mr. Adams (@ashlandclockers).

After a layover in London we finally arrived in Milan at 3:00pm local time and met up with our tour guide Giuliana.  Then, we boarded our bus for a long bus ride to our hotel which is a two minute walk (if that!) to the beach and the MEDITERRANEAN SEA!  After checking into our rooms we went downstairs to a much needed dinner.

After dinner we went on short evening stroll on the hunt for gelato.  We found a really cute place that had some very tasty gelato as well as a waiter that evidently was a lookalike of Kayleigh D.'s brother. After she took a picture with him (who was one very confused Italian!) we were able to walk down to the beach for the first time.

More updates from the kids tomorrow night! (Internet permitting...)

- Mr. McGann


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